Why setting small goals makes you quit more easily and why having more money is not a sin?

I could never understand people who wanted to win the lottery or earn a lot of money. Why ask for more if you already have a so much?

And now here I am, launching my own Financial Freedom Challenge and setting myself the goal to earn 10,000 euro a months by and as from 15 April 2012.

Do I need 10,000 euro a month? The answer is no, by far not. I have a very good life already and my costs of living are only a portion of that. But why then ask for so much? This has to do with a few realizations I have had lately:

  • Money has to do with personal development
    Most people are afraid to have money because they think it will turn them into bad persons. I on the other hand believe, that money strengthens who you are: if you are a good person, you will do more good things when you have money and if you are a bad person you will do more bad things when you have money. And who to trust more than myself that I will utilize the money in the way that I believe it is best invested and spent on so that others can benefit from it too?
  • Money helps me reaching my goals on a big scale
    I’d like to positively impact people’s lives by giving them new insights, inspiration, tools, opportunities e.g. in the form of financial support to get out more of their lives, to become better people and better entrepreneurs. With more money I can reach more people.
  • Setting big goals keeps me focused
    Most of the times when we set ourselves goals, they are small. And there will come a time when we will face an obstacle or a challenge that is bigger than our small goal. Consequently we give up.

  • Therefore I rather set myself big goals so that it is worth going for them despite the obstacles and challenges on the way. Now you could of course argue, small goals – small obstacles and big goals – big obstacles, and even if this is the case, I’d rather give up because of a big obstacle than a small one.

No big obstacles on my way so I still go for my goal a 100%!

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5 Responses to Why setting small goals makes you quit more easily and why having more money is not a sin?

  1. Kath Roberts says:

    Thought provoking article. I think that money is not the key motivator for most people its what they can do with the money .The more we are able to understand ourselves , our deepest natures and providing we are able to take care of our most basic needs then we look for the self actualization which comes with having and realising a clear purpose and a desire to serve others. The more money we make the more good we can do in the world .

    • Anna Gogoman says:

      Dear Kath,

      I very much agree with you, money should never be our motivator in life. The actions we can take with the help of money, the feeling we get out of it, being able to fulfill our life purpose etc. are much better and powerful motivators. I very much like your site by the way!

      Best regards, Anna

  2. Alexandre says:

    We are the 3rd of July.

    How close are you from your “earning $10,000 a month by April 2012″‘s goal?

    • Anna says:

      Hi Alexandre,

      Financially I am far away but mentally I got close :-)

      No seriously, it’s my own fault since I did not take sufficient action. I only started setting up some activities that would have generated me passive income streams in future but I did not finish them so they could not work in my favor. I made a really good start but then I got carried away, wanted to try out everything, did not focus enough and as a result I did not finish things off. But I have not given up. I just took some extra time :-)

      And I have learned a lot from the past few months so that I can do it better in future.

      Thanks for asking. Wanted to write a blog post anyway about it. Just could not focus enough to do it so far :-)


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