Why a mind map is such a powerful tool

Quite a long time since my last blogpost. Apologies for keeping you waiting :-)

Today I finally took some time to think about all the things I want to reach in life. I am so busy with everything that I can lose myself in details or forget the big picture. Therefore I sat down to analyze the current situation, to think about my goals and what I would like to achieve in life. I made a nice mind map to organize my thoughts and to put everything on paper. And finally I hang it up in my bedroom so that I see it every day and so that it reminds me every day of what I am going for.

I can really recommend working with mind maps since they are so much more powerful than writing things down in a traditional way.

As Tony Buzar, the founder of the mind map puts it “A mind map is a thinking tool that reflects externally what goes on in your head”.  Moreover a mind map helps you remember things better.

Why mind mapping is so effective

  • A mind map helps you avoid thinking linearly, which is anyway not our natural way of thinking.
  • It opens you up to creativity and new ways of thinking.
  • It helps you remember things better.
    Our brain loves colors and images. According to research we remember 13% more if we use different colors when taking notes, no matter how. If we add images, pictures or drawings this percentage is even higher.

When to use mind mapping? I use mind maps especially for brainstorming purposes. But you can use mind mapping for:

  • Summaries of book chapters or even whole books
  • Taking notes during meetings, trainings etc.
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Memorizing things
  • Or even for a presentation: Why not make a mind map instead of an old-fashioned PowerPoint and then explain the idea based on the mind map and leave it behind at the client’s place?

How to make a mind map?

  • Put down in the center of an unlined piece of paper landscape style your idea you would like to develop
  • Think about new ideas, action points and strategies that relate to this central idea
  • Keep ideas to one word
  • Connect these ideas with the central idea with a non-linear line
  • Think of lower-level subtopics and connect each of those to the corresponding subtopic
  • Be as visual as you can: use different colors, letter types, symbols, drawings, thick and thin lines etc. Your brain will thank you for that.

The picture above summarizes all this and more information in form of a mind map. I found it on www.Litemind.com.

If you need some more tips on mind mapping, have a look at the interview with the mind map guru, Tony Buzan:

What will your mind map be about?

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3 Responses to Why a mind map is such a powerful tool

  1. Sarah says:

    Mind maps are fantastic! Great post Anna :)

  2. Good ideas often come suddenly and go fast. Whenever I got new ideas I always write it down into a mind-map. I’ve been doing this since several years and it works well. My brain and my eyes love colors, and it really helps for someone with lack-of-memory like me.

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