What are your “Big 5”? – Do the ultimate personality test!

Yesterday my friend Sarah called me from New Zealand to let me know that my website was hacked. This is definitely bad news, especially if you consider that I have been working on the site for several months. When I checked, my little baby turned indeed black with some groovy music on it and the note that it was hacked by some Bangladeshi hackers. And despite all, I was not really worried since I somehow knew it was going to be OK. And indeed, a few hours later, my site looked “normal” again.

I have no idea how or why it happened or how it got restored again but the important thing is that it works! And I made some backups since then just in case the hackers will return.

Anyway, I was quite surprised by the fact that I didn’t get upset when I saw the damage and I was wondering if this was an exception or my natural reaction to situations. And then I took a personality test somebody recommended to me. And not just “a” test but THE personality test: THE BIG 5! And indeed, the test proved ¬†that I was “not bothered by disorder”…and I suppose finding your site hacked could be seen as a “disorder”.

But this was not the only thing the test showed…..unfortunately. OK, I knew I was not punctual and quite impatient, but did they really have to stress that I was an “underachiever”, not very intellectual and not passionate about improving the world? I could even continue here but I have to think about my image here.

Anyway, I was so into these tests (and of course the results of the first one were unacceptable) that I had to do another one. I went for the Meyers-Briggs test. Thanks god this time my personality seemed to have even positive sides to it. Actually, it was quite opposite from the first test. Here I seem to be bright, intuitive, creative and very good with people. I even recognize myself in the jobs I should do and should not do.

Obviously, I only believe in the outcome of the Myers-Briggs test :-) but I am willing to admit that I sometimes, occasionally, very, very rarely might be indeed a little “superficial”. And even though none of the tests showed that I was a perfectionist, it hurts to realize that I am not perfect :-).

What about you? Do you agree with either of the test results? I’d love to have some support here that the BIG 5 test is, despite its wide acceptance, indeed not very reliable….

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9 Responses to What are your “Big 5”? – Do the ultimate personality test!

  1. Vicky Morgan says:

    i have just done the big 5 test and am quite satisfied with my result :) i’m sure you haven’t done yours correctly, anna :)

    will try the Meyers-Briggs test now.

  2. Ronald says:

    Anna, like always, it’s a matter of finding the right explenation to the test-results. :-) Let’s just assume (ok, just for a few moments maybe), that the Big 5 test is accurate. What does that mean exactly?

    Is “being superficial” as you seem to assume really bad? Forget it, it’s good! read Coen Simon “En Toen Wisten We Alles, een pleidooi voor oppervlakkigheid”


  3. Sarah says:

    Hey Anna. Love this post! I just did the big 5 test. For me, the results were like an extreme version of my Myers Briggs. For both of the tests I felt like I was looking in a mirror (Myers Briggs got me on a good hair day, while the big 5 showed me just after I had got out of bed). I’d love to know what profile you got for your Myers Briggs? I came out ENFP.

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