How to stick out from the mass – 2 simple business ideas

Today I briefly want to share with you two simple but powerful business approaches I’ve  recently come across that have inspired me and will hopefully inspire you too to stick out from the mass and do things differently.

Both ideas are about how to position your product in the wine industry but the idea behind it can be easily copied to other industries and sectors.

The first idea comes from two entrepreneurs who have recently opened a new wine store in Amsterdam called Moments4Wine. Instead of arranging the wine bottles in their shop in a rather conventional way (based on color, country of origin or price), they chose for a different approach. The shop is very much in line with its name featuring wines from four wine moments:

Customers can find here the wine that is best suited to be drunk at parties, events, before or after dinner.

In this section people can find the bottles that go best together with lunch or dinner.

Here you can find bottles that are perfectly suited as special presents for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings etc.

The “Party” section contains of champagne and other sparkling seductions.

With this new approach Moments4Wine makes the search for the perfect bottle easier since you always know at which section you need to be depending on the occasion.

The second example comes from the best sold wine brand in Dutch supermarkets. As a customer you are overwhelmed with the vast choice of wine bottles that can be currently found in supermarkets. The owners of the popular wine brand J.P. Chenet did something special to have their bottles stick out from the all the other bottles: they chose for a tilted bottle! And indeed, you can immediately spot the J.P.Chenet bottles on the shelves.

This made me think, of course, how I can make my products and services stand out. One thing I came up with is a little experiment with barter for my crash-course Lifehacking workshop.  So instead of asking people to pay a certain amount in order to follow my workshop, I ask them to offer me a service or product in return. Especially starters and entrepreneurs find this concept very appealing. I launched it yesterday to my network. Keep you posted about the developments…

Now it’s your turn. What can you do to have your business, your product or yourself stick out from the mass? Looking forward to learn from your creative solutions!

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