The natural energy formula

Did you know that according to research about 80% of our natural energy GOES to:

  1. Digestion (about 50%!!)
  2. Stress / tension
  3. Sex
  4. Sport/physical exercise?
And that 80% of our natural energy COMES from: 
  1. Our mind-set (mental attitude)
  2. Breathing
  3. Nutrition (Food & Drinking)
  4. Sleeping / Relaxation?

In other words: You can increase your energy level immensely if you pay attention to: what you eat (it takes your body on average 8 hours to digest a steak, 1,5 hours for vegetables and only 30 min for fruit), how much you sleep, and if you make sure you have a positive mind-set.

I experienced this last week during a short but very relaxing holiday with family. We stayed in a hotel in the middle of nowhere in Germany where our only worry was: which menu should I choose tonight, shall I go swimming before or after I finished reading my book, is 9 hours sleep not too much? etc.

In the two weeks before I spent a lot of time behind my laptop, finishing off some projects, eating not the most healthy food ever, sleeping badly etc. This made me feel tensed, exhausted and stiff.

During the 5 days in Germany, however, I strictly forbade myself to work on my laptop or think about my projects. And our healthy lifestyle during the last few days made us feel almost re-born!

So being home again, I want to maintain at least part of this holiday feeling: at least 8 hours of good sleep, long walks, enough “me-time”, healthy food, not too much time spent behind the computer, etc.

That’s why I have to finish this post now and start preparing dinner. Tonight vegetable pasta and green salad :-)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like the perfect holiday Anna – glad to hear you’ve spend some quality time relaxing.

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