Small update from the other site of the world

I am writing this post from the other side of the world compared to where I usually live. I am currently at the airport of Karratha, Australia heading back towards Perth where I will spend 1,5 more days before returning to the Netherlands.

If you know Karratha, you probably ask yourself how in the heck did I end up here because it is everything but one of Australia’s famous tourist attractions. In fact I haven’t seen any tourists at all.  And if you’d been here, you would understand why. Karratha is known for its coal and gas recourses and for the good salaries you can earn up here. Therefore Karratha is full of people who come here from all over the world in order to earn some good money. Karratha is also one of the most expensive cities to stay at with average hotel prices of 300 AUD per night for a basic room. And believe it or not but there is even a shortage of hotel rooms!

So the reason I came here is because I had a delivery to make to one of the power stations based here. This is because – next to all the other stuff I do – I am also an on-board courier which means that every now and then I receive a call if I wanted to bring a package to a certain place in the world. Usually the notice is 3 hours before the flight so you have to be very flexible to do this job. And no, it’s no illegal stuff in the packages. I actually have to open them up and inspect everything before taking them on the plane.

Last Thursday I received such a call and 3 hours later I was sitting in the plane. And the good thing is, after you have delivered the package at its destination, you are free to stay longer, at your own expenses.

Being an on-board courier is a great way of travelling the world without having to pay for your trips. I would get crazy if I had to travel all the time but every now and then is fun to do some trips like this. I wished I had known about these great jobs when I was a student!

What I like most about this job is that it fits perfectly into my new lifestyle: working from any place at any time and having the freedom, time and money to travel the world if I want to.

Have to go. Perth is calling!

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9 Responses to Small update from the other site of the world

  1. Zsófi says:

    Enjoy your trip, Anna!!!

  2. Daniele says:

    That’s a cool thing to do, WOW!
    Just wonder, do you also get paid or only the flights?

  3. Lydia says:

    Wow! What a great job, can you let me know the pay you get for an international trip? I am assuming you are paid in Aussie dollars?

    • Anna says:

      Hey Lydia,

      No, I got paid in euros since the organization I am working for is Dutch. Usually you get paid a certain fee for your trip, a certain amount for your accommodation and a certain amount for expenses. The amount depends very much on the destination and on the length of your assignment. If you don’t spend a lot during your stay and if you don’t prolong your stay by a few days with sightseeing tours, shopping etc, you will usually be able to save some money from your trip. As for me though, I spend everything but I come back with lots of great new experiences :-)

  4. Norman Mutharia says:

    Hi I forgot to mention I am in Karratha.



    • Anna says:

      Hi Norman,

      Greetings to Karratha! I still have good memories about my visit last year.

      With regard to your question, I will get in touch with you per mail.

      Regards from Beijing,

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