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What do you want? Do the “ideal day” test!

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I’ve come across many people lately who don’t know what they want or at least who think they don’t. And not knowing what we want can be very depressing since we have no clue which direction to go, which actions to take and which ones not to take. With no direction at all the chance is big that we will have the feeling that things just happen to us in life instead of that we “create” things or situations. I believe that we feel happier, more successful and more self-fulfilled if we have a direction, even if it is a … Continue reading

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What do you want? – Seven tips how to find your ultimate life purpose

Heart into labyrinth.

Do you know what you want….what you really, really want? And I don’t mean a promotion or a bigger house, or being a millionaire. What I mean is more like: What do you want to leave behind in this world? What is your ultimate life purpose? Why are you here? This sounds like really heavy stuff, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Probably the most confronting and difficult to answer question of our lives. And that’s exactly why we don’t what to think about it. Why we make sure it is pushed away, far, far away, so it doesn’t bother us. … Continue reading

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