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6 Winning Tips on How to Close the Gap between Knowing and Doing

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Guestpost by Kath Roberts There is a wealth of difference between knowing and doing. It’s what separates performance and success from wishful thinking. This very gap is keeping many an industry afloat from the latest self help and management books we buy through to the Consultancy industry that gets paid to frequently tell companies what they actually already know. Half the time, lack of knowledge is not the problem, too much knowledge is. That’s because we fall into the trap of acquiring more analysis and even more information to absorb before taking the necessary action. We’re always busy getting started … Continue reading

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Let the journey begin!


Hi! My name is Anna, I am 29 years old and I quit my job in order to realize my dream: Doing something I really love (and getting paid for it)! And here I am: no more feeling of “have to”, no boundaries, no rules, just many ideas, opportunities and new experiences ahead!….At least that’s how I see my situation at the moment. In the next months I want to explore what it actually is that I want to do and also DO IT (I’ve always found this the more difficult part). And I want to write about this journey, share my experiences, … Continue reading

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