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How to stick out from the mass – 2 simple business ideas

Moments for wine

Today I briefly want to share with you two simple but powerful business approaches I’ve  recently come across that have inspired me and will hopefully inspire you too to stick out from the mass and do things differently. Both ideas are about how to position your product in the wine industry but the idea behind it can be easily copied to other industries and sectors. The first idea comes from two entrepreneurs who have recently opened a new wine store in Amsterdam called Moments4Wine. Instead of arranging the wine bottles in their shop in a rather conventional way (based on … Continue reading

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Is it good to be busy?

To me, the answer to this question is yes and no. YES, since being busy means we are active, and being active means we don’t stand still. And if we stand still, we don’t learn. NO, if we are busy in order to feel useful or reinforced by others. Unfortunately we live in a culture where we often measure success in contribution of time instead of measuring the actual outcome of our actions. “He has been so busy in the last couple of months with this project, he really deserves a raise”. Or “She is very busy lately so things … Continue reading

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Efficient Email Management – 10 Tips how to get rid of your email addiction and save time

Do you recognize any of the two situations mentioned below? Situation 1: It is a new day with new opportunities. You are early and you are confident it will be a successful day for you. Before you start working on your “project”, you quickly check your emails to see if there is nothing urgent….and the next thing you know is that it is almost lunchtime. How could this happen? You are angry with yourself that you lost another morning by losing yourself in your inbox. Situation 2: You don’t want to miss anything. Therefore you check your emails a few times per … Continue reading

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RSS Feeds – How to stay up to date and save time

rss logo

Do you have certain websites or blogs that you check regularly for new information? Then RSS is definitely something for you! RSS (short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a technology that allows you to keep track of your favorite websites and blogs in an efficient way. So instead of you going out to all the different websites to check if there is new information like in the good old days, it is the information that comes to you. With RSS you tell a website to let you know whenever something happens on them. You save time and energy … Continue reading

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