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It all starts with the right mindset

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Since I have launched my Financial Freedom Challenge most reactions I get sound like this: “I want that too.  How does it work?” and that’s great! That’s why I am doing it for. But don’t expect to learn a special trick that will do the job. I am afraid it is a little bit more complex than that. If you really want to become financially free, you need to approach it on several fields: You need to have the right mindset You need to have certain Money Management skills You need to have a strategy You need to have trust … Continue reading

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The “365 Days Financial Freedom Challenge” – How I will soon earn 10.000 EUR a month with passive income streams


In the coming days, weeks and months I will experiment, test, and try out different techniques, ways, methods, tools, best practices to reach financial freedom. I will write about my experience, my learnings, challenges and successes I come across my journey. I will also give you regular updates so that we know how much time is left to reach my goal and how much money I have earned along the way. Continue reading

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