5 Must Have Apps

This week I’ve been to the www.Sime.nu seminar in Amterdam and got a little up to date with regard to online technology. Amazing what great stuff there is out there! Following apps are must haves for smartphone users.

Even though I don’t have a smartphone myself (shame on me), I consider it my duty to share this information with you:

  • www.Layar.com
    With the help of Augmented Realty (AR) technology you can discover information about the world around you. So if you are looking for a restaurant, gas station or for some information about a building you are just passing for example, you will see this information through the screen of your smarthpone.
  • www.Blippy.com
    With Blippy you can share your purchases and see what your friends are buying online and in real life.
  • www.Mobypicture.com
    With Mobypicture you can directly share your photos, videos and audio with your friends on facebook, twitter, flickr and youtube.
  • www.Whatser.com
    Whatser helps you find the best spots in a town based on your friends’ suggestions. So no more need to look for restaurants, coffeeplaces etc.
  • www.Rebtel.com/en/
    For making international calls from your mobile. 40% cheaper than Skype apparently.

Let me know what you think about them and please also share your tips with me. I love to have the feeling that I am up to date….

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