Take-aways from the Making Money Intensive training

On Saturday I attended the Money Making Intensive training organized by Wealth Dragons and even though I heard or read about many things the speakers mentioned today it was a valuable and inspiring day with many take-aways. I also believe that you need to be confronted with things until you know them and since I am still not financially free it seems that I haven’t learned my lessons yet. After today I am again one step closer to financial freedom though. And since we remember things best if we tell them on I would like to share some of the things the speakers touched upon today with you guys. Moreover I think that you will benefit from them too :-) So here we go:

“There is no elevator to succes, so there is no quick way to become successful, but the good news is: there is a staircase!

The difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t is the speed of implemenation. It’s all about momentum!

Money will solve all the problems that not having money creates.

The reason why most people don’t make money with their businesses is because they are invisible. Therefore you need a unique selling point. It’s all about positioning! Someone can call him- or herself a personal trainer but he/she could also call him- or herself a body transformation expert. Most important thing in business is to add value; to help people.

Your network = your net worth!

Real EstateYou need to have assets that go up in value in order to increase your net worth, which is the difference between what you own and what you owe. Property seems to be a sure bet. If house prices increase, more people will rent which means that the rents will go up and this is positive for property owners. Also real estate will never disappear totally and if everything goes wrong you can still sell the house brick by brick, if necessary.

You make money when you buy real estate, not when you sell.

There is no such thing as a lack of finance, only a lack of creativity.

Know the rules of the game and be in the game in order to win the game and don’t only play in defense mode because too much analysis turns your body and mind into paralysis! But you do need defense as well as attack strategies!

If you have a business you need to create something that is GREAT! You need to WOW people! You don’t have to invent anything new, re-inventing is OK too. If you love your product others will love it too and therefore buy it. People buy why you do it and not what you do or sell.

Next to having a WOW product or service you should think about how to increase the frequency of sell and how to add a high ticket item to your portfolio. This is a special product or service to your A-class customers for which you can also charge a  higher price.

Success formula to anything in life:

  1. Find what you want to do passionately. Find your WHY!
  2. Find an expert in the field
  3. Ask him/her to teach to you everything he/she knows about it. People will help you!
  4. Do it!”
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