It all starts with the right mindset

Since I have launched my Financial Freedom Challenge most reactions I get sound like this: “I want that too.  How does it work?” and that’s great! That’s why I am doing it for. But don’t expect to learn a special trick that will do the job. I am afraid it is a little bit more complex than that. If you really want to become financially free, you need to approach it on several fields:

  • You need to have the right mindset
  • You need to have certain Money Management skills
  • You need to have a strategy
  • You need to have trust
  • You need to take action!

Today I will zoom in on the mindset it makes or break things. It is probably also the most difficult one to achieve since we are so used and attached to our old mindset that we can’t let go of it, even though it is often in our way.

“If you think you can or can’t do something, you are in both cases right” (Henry Ford)


I love this quote since I think it is so true! To stick to the financial freedom topic, if you think you can become financially free, and you are following the 5 points from above, I am pretty sure, sooner or later, you will become financially free; however, if you think you can’t become financially free, you never will, no matter what your actions will be.

This is true for everything in life. You need to first believe in something and then you will experience it.

The probably most famous proof for this is the run of the one mile by Roger Bannister in 1932 within 4 minutes. Back then everybody thought it was physically impossible that one could run a mile within just 4 minutes but Roger kept telling to himself that he could do it. In his mind he has done it several times and at the end he was indeed able to proof it at one of his runs. Within a few months 100 other people ran the mile within 4 minutes! Just because they knew something was possible since somebody else has done it before.

Nowadays almost everything has been done or achieved by someone before us. There are many, many examples of people who became financially free by themselves. So we have the proof. We just need to believe that we can do it too.

Changing our mindset doesn’t happen overnight but we can definitely do something in this respect. Here are some examples what I do:

  • I visualize what I want and how it would feel to have it.
  • I look every day at my dreamboard that reminds me of what I want and gives me so much energy.
  • I make use of positive affirmations that I read loudly (almost) every day, often in front of my dreamboard (I stopped thinking that it was ridiculous doing it).
  • I write down what I want.
  • I share with others what I want. This makes me even more committed to my goals and by sharing it I give others the chance to help me reaching my goals.
  • I examine my thoughts and convictions and question the negative ones. Often the realization that you have them is enough.
  • I use the word “try” less often. Here is why:

According to research 96 out of the 100 times we use the word “try” it will end in failure. And only in 4% of the cases we will actually do our best. Therefore it is much more powerful and efficient to say, “I will do it” instead of “I will try to do it”.

I am sure I will write more often about the mindset, since it fascinates me how much power the mind has on or lives. Choose for yourself if you want to believe that you can become financially free or that you can’t. If it is the latter, don’t even bother to waste your time with it since it will never work out.

I know I can become financially free. The question is if you believe you can too?

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