How To Manage Your Money?

I thought why not making a video post once? This is the result:

You can find this video also on Youtube under
I also have my own Youtube channel where I will post more videos around financial freedom in future. This is the link:

This is a video about how to manage your money so that you benefit most of it. Being in control of your finances is the first step to financial freedom. The method I use is a simple but very effective one:

Spread the money that comes in across six accounts according in the following way:

  • Financial Freedom Account:                         10%
  • Long Term Savings Spending Account:       10 %
  • Necessities Account:                                      50-55%
  • Education Account:                                       10%
  • Play Account:                                                 10%
  • Give Account:                                                 5-10%

This will give you more control about your finances:

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4 Responses to How To Manage Your Money?

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Anna – these are such practical and inspiring tips. Going to start today!

  2. Vicky Morgan says:

    i have only just seen this post now, love the idea of it!! it’s a challenge though and i think for me increasing my income would probably work best before starting the project :) my favourites are play account and give account.

    also like the way you presented this as a video!

    greetings from vienna

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