Can’t believe our adventure finally started! We are on our way to our new home, Beijing, with a beautiful stop over of 16 days in New Zealand. Months of preparation, filling in endless forms for our visa application, cancelling of contracts, packing etc. and now we are on our way!!

And where could we recover and recharge our batteries from all the past stress and prepare for our new adventure better than in amazing New Zealand where everybody makes you feel so welcome and home, where nature is so magnificent and where the only disadvantage seems to be the long distance from anywhere else?

We have met so many great people in the past 2 weeks that it will be hard to say goodbye to this country. It is a little weird however when people ask us “Where do you live?”. Usually we look at each other and struggle to find the right words that will answer the question in a short and clear way. This is probably also the time where people might think “What is wrong with them? Why can’t they answer this simple question?”. Also when we had to fill in our home address when filling in the immigration form before entering New Zealand, we had some difficulties finding the right answer. But what do you fill in if you gave up your apartment in Amsterdam before you went on holiday to New Zealand before moving to Beijing where you had no place to live yet? Is “homeless” an option?

We might be homeless at the moment but it definitely doesn’t feel like that. Because home is where the heart is and at the moment my heart is in NZ, in the Netherlands, in Austria, in Hungary, etc at the same time. And even a little bit in Beijing, even though I have never been there yet.

Can’t wait to move to move there in a couple of days but first we will enjoy every minute in our current home, Devonport, New Zealand.

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8 Responses to Homeless

  1. maureen van der Heyden says:

    It was so lovely to meet you and we are glad that you had a lovely stay with Sarah and Gareth.
    Thank you so much for helping set the tables up at the wedding, it was a great help.
    If you are ever back in NZ you are very welcome to stay with us in Wellington. Have a wonderful time in Beijing, it must be exciting. You are fantastic friends to Sarah and Gareth and no doubt you friendship will last a long time.
    Love and good luck to you both.
    Maureen and John van der Heyden

    • Anna says:

      Dear Maureen and John,

      It was so wonderful meeting you and the rest of the family and by being part of such a special occasion we feel even closer to Sarah and Gareth! It was a truly perfect wedding and day after. You could feel the love and effort everybody put into it.

      Jeroen and I felt so welcome and we will have always warm memories about our stay here. We would love to come back to NZ and would be very happy to visit you in Wellington :-)

      Warm regards and thanks for everything,
      Anna (and Jeroen)

  2. Bronwyn says:

    So great to finally meet you and your hubby at the wedding. I can see why Sarah is such great friends with you and she was so blessed to have you both at her wedding. Im sad we only had a short time to get to know you but I’m positive you’ll be back and next time Sarah and Gareth will have to bring you both to explore the South :)
    Wishing you all the best in Beijing – EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!
    Take care

    • Anna says:

      Hi Bron, Thanks so much!! It was so nice meeting you and finally having a face with the name. It is indeed a pity we couldn’t spend more time together but I feel too that we will be back soon to do the South Island too. And if you feel like traveling to Beijing, please know that you and Matt are always welcome to stay with us. Lots of greetings, also from Jeroen, to both of you. And thank you so much for making us feel so welcome!

  3. Zsófi says:

    Kívánok Nektek minden minden minden jót.

    Puszillak sokszor

    • Anna says:

      Koszi szepen! Nagyon aranyos vagy. Lattam az uj honlapodat. Nagyon jo. Egyedu csinalod? Skypoljunk majd Pekingbol, OK? Nagyon kivancsi vagyok. Puszi es majd jelentkezem.

  4. shoubo says:

    Welcome to Beijing!
    I was linked here from the Lean Startup meetup Beijing group. Couldn’t meet you at the meetup. Hope to meet you in some other event or meet up. Enjoy your life in your new home Beijing.



    • Anna says:

      Hi Shoubo,

      Thank you very much! Yes, I left quite soon after the Lean Startup Meetup but hope to to meet you at a future event.


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