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I am happy to assist you with any of the following services. Feel free to contact me for a free chat.

  • Creating/improving a website in WordPress. (This blog is for example also a WordPress blog)
  • SEO so that your site is easily found on internet
  • Internet Marketing
  • Blogging – tips or guest posts
  • Ideas to boost your (online) business
  • Tips, trainings or workshops around lifehacking (see below for more information)
  • Organization of brainstorming sessions

Lifehacking – smart working, smart living

We are all very busy. Emails, calls, deadlines, meetings, facebook, twitter etc. However, being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that we are also productive.

Lifehacking helps us become more aware of our habits and (lack of) priorities, and helps us become more efficient and effective. You could also say that it is a combination of time management, personal development and smart working techniques, both on and offline.

Time is the only thing that we never get back in life so we better spend it wisely.

Want to discuss things in more detail? Just contact me.

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