Hello World!

It has been again way too long since I wrote my last blog post so it feels a bit like a fresh start now. That’s why I decided to call this post “Hello World!” since it is the default post title in WordPress when you set up a new blog. For me it is a bit over 3 years ago that I started this blog and even though many things have happened since then it still feels as MY blog. Of course, it could use some cleaning up and refreshment but from the other hand side I like it the way it is since it (still) represents who I am: a girl (can you actually refer to someone in her thirties as “girl” or would “woman” be more appropriate?) whose aim is to find and share inspiration about doing what she loves (and getting paid for it), about becoming more effective and efficient, about passive income & more. For me the past three years have been amazing, with many life events: I got married, we moved to Beijing for a year, we bought a house, but most importantly, I became a mom! And despite sleepless nights, little free-time etc. it is the best thing that ever happened to me!

If I look back to the past three years from a business perspective it have been three very interesting, instructive and colorful years with many great experiences, co-operations and co-creations that I am proud of. Who would have thought that I will once become and internet marketing and wordpress enthousiast?  Thanks to this blog I discovered my love for the internet and slowly but surely became what I would even dare to call a WordPress and internet marketing expert who even builds websites for others now.

However, I also have to say that I definitely could have gotten more out of it, especially financially. There are also a number of projects I started but never really finished. Unforgetty is probably the best example of unfinished things from this period after having put quite a lot of effort in it. I wouldn’t say that we killed the project but it is on a hold at the moment and since we invested already too much energy and effort in it without real results, we also might decide to leave it on hold :-)

My goal in the past years has been – and still is – to become financially free with the help of passive income streams. Well, what can I say? I am far from being financially free but I still believe that it is possible and that I am much closer to it than last year, the year before that or the one before that. The reason for it is the knowledge, skills and learnings I acquired or that I am in the middle of acquiring with the help of endless hours invested in trial & error, following trainings, reading books, exchanging knowledge with friends etc.

2014My goal for 2014 still is the generation of passive income, partly from my websites, e-book(s) and hopefully also later this year from my investments. I will blog about my challenges and successes as much as possible so that others might benefit from my experiences too. Moreover it is a nice memory for myself for when I will be 80 or so to be able to read about where my path led me to.

I will also blog about personal growth, efficiency and effectivity, topics that are important to me and where one can never be done with them since there is always room for improvement.

Hope you will accompany me on my journey by following my blog also in 2014 and that we can maybe work together or otherwise inspire or learn from each other.

To a great 2014!!

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