Goodbye 2011 – Welcome 2012

I can’t believe this year is over. Everything went so fast and now it’s New Year’s Eve already. But before this year leaves us forever, I would like to grab the chance and stand still at it for a moment. The end of a year is always a good moment to analyze, look back and to determine the course for the coming year.

In the beginning of this year I wrote a post about How to get most out of 2011 and set myself 10 goals for this year. It’s interesting to read them back now. And it’s even more interesting to see which of my dreams and goals came out and which did not. But first I will answer the questions I answered about last year too.

  • Have I done the things I wanted to do?
    If I answer this question now, the answer for me is yes and no. YES, because I have definitely done the things I wanted to do (and even more) and had the lifestyle I dreamed of having. Nevertheless there is a NO too because the results were not always what I have had in mind….Higher expectations towards myself I guess.
  • What have I learned?
    I have learned that I am difficult to satisfy and more impatient than I had expected. I have also learned that it’s not efficient to do everything by yourself and that investing in things or oneself is good. One of my most important lessons was that working hard doesn’t necessarily mean that you are effective.
  • For which things am I grateful or proud on myself?
    I am grateful for the inspiring people that keep coming into my life, for all the good tips and the love and support I receive. I am proud that I have taught myself how to build websites and that I can almost call myself an internet marketing expert. I am also grateful for and proud of my Mastermind Group and for everything that we have accomplished so far.
  • What could I have done differently?
    I could have outsourced and asked others for help more often.
  • Which moments would I like to remember in particular?
    My wedding day and the days thereafter, Christmas.
  • What is my word/motto for 2011?

This was my wishlist for 2011 and I added what I have accomplished (green) and what I haven’t (yet) (red):

  • Visiting at least 3 new countries  Done: Costa Rica, Panama, Australia
  • Having 5000 followers of my blog X: Unfortunately not yet. I guess I wasn’t consistent enough 
  • Writing an e-book X: Busy with it but haven’t finished it yet.
  • Picking up writing in my diary again Done: I wrote on average 2 times a month
  • Getting married to J  Done: Big YES!!!
  • Doing more yoga Done: 2-3 times a week!!
  • Spending more quality time with family and friends Done
  • Love Done: There was a lot of love in my life this year.
  • Spending time with inspiring people Done: got to spend time with many great people this year 
  • Taking up dancing classes Done: followed a 10 week course as a preparation to our wedding

Not so bad, after all. I think I will make it a habit to analyze the year before it closes and to think about what I would like the new year to be like for me.

If I had to think about 10 wishes for the coming year again, it would be the following:

  • Adding 3 more countries to my list
  • Moving to Beijing (or somewhere else)
  • Having a successful online business
  • Becoming financially free
  • Setting up fruitful business partnerships
  • Expanding my network with inspiring and interesting people
  • Keeping my body and mind in shape e.g. with the help of yoga
  • Creating a new cozy home
  • Acquiring new abilities
  • Love and be loved … I think this one will keep coming back each time :-)

I like my list and I am definitely looking forward to the new year. I think 2012 will be a year with great experiences, interesting meetings and valuable learnings!

What about your 2012? How does your wish list look like?

Have a great year but first enjoy the New Year’s Eve!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    What an amazing year 2011 was Anna – you have achieved so much!!! I’m truly proud of and inspired by you. Looking forward to keeping up with your experimentation in 2012!

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