Dropbox – The internet USB

Next to Evernote, I use Dropbox quite a lot. Dropbox is an online document storage tool making sure you will never lose a document again. It is like an internet USB that makes document sharing really easy. It is free till 2GB which is more than enough for the average user, I think.

Advantages of Dropbox:

  • Access to all your files from every computer, laptop or smartphone
  • Online back up
  • You can easily work together with others since you can give access to certain documents or whole files to one person or a whole team (document sharing)
  • You always work on the last version of a document
  • No need for USB sticks or CDs since Dropbox is an internet USB as such
  • You will never lose a document again

And this is how it works:
Go to www.dropbox.com and create a Dropbox account. You are asked to fill in your name, mail address and password.

Then download Dropbox and install it to every device you are using: computer, laptop and/or smartphone. Once installed, you can copy all your files into the Dropbox file on your computer/laptop. From now on your files will be automatically synchronized in Dropbox.

In order to share a document with one or more persons, you need to click on the Dropbox icon. You can decide per document or file if you want to give access to somebody or not. If yes, you can fill in the mail address of the person(s) you would like to share it with and Dropbox will send an mail to the person(s) with the link to your document/file.

In order to be able to access your documents from an another computer or laptop, you need to log in to Dropbox via www.dropbox.com.

This is how your Dropbox app looks like on your smartphone:

Hope you will discover the pros of Dropbox too. It is really a cool tool that made my life easier.






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2 Responses to Dropbox – The internet USB

  1. Wimmo van Geldrop says:

    All fun and games, but not a word about security issues?


    Also on a hackersconference it was demonstrated that the hashvalues could be calculated.

  2. Anna says:

    Dear Wimmo,
    Thanks for bringing the security issue up. Very valid point!

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