Does your money work for you? Four ways how to earn money

How do you earn your money? Do you work for the money or does your money work for you?

These are four ways how you can earn money:

1. Working for somebody else: somebody hires you to do work that he or she doesn’t want to or cannot do. For the latter, he or she is willing to pay you more. However, for most people it is still just a


2. Working for yourself: here too you organize things that somebody else doesn’t want to or cannot do. You could therefore say that entrepreneurship is solving problems of others.

This is quite an interesting thought if you think of it. So if we want to be better entrepreneurs, we need to solve more problems! In the past when I talked to people I just listened to their problems, now I focus on opportunities whenever I hear people talk about problems. Are there maybe more people facing the same problem and what could I do to solve this problem?

One example for a problem I come across a lot lately is the shortage of flexible working spaces that fulfill the requirements of us creative workers: very flexible contracts, a work space in an inspiring environment, for a reasonable rent, not too far away from home etc.

Admittedly, we ask quite a lot, but I am sure not too much. So instead of accepting the situation that there is a shortage, I look for opportunities how to solve the problem. I reach out to my network for tips, ideas, speak to tenors and potential sponsors and have inspiring meetings and brainstorm sessions with potential co-creators and partners. And the best thing is: I love doing it! I think I will stick to this problem-solving-mindset for a while…. Moreover, I believe that if we listen and think with a different mindset, different opportunities will cross our way.

3. Investing: taking risks somebody else doesn’t want to or cannot take. And risks are relative. Something is risky if you have no knowledge about it. And the good thing with knowledge is that you can gain it and therefore you can manage risks. Investing will definitely be also part of my 365 Days Financial Freedom Challenge but the thing I will focus most on is:

4. Intellectual property: knowledge that you convert into money. All the passive income streams such as income from your own (e)book, patents etc. fall under this category.

I still think the best formula to become financially independent is:
Work less, offer more value!
In short: Work smarter!

How will you work smarter?

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5 Responses to Does your money work for you? Four ways how to earn money

  1. Looking for some new ways to make money online, accepting any ideas!

  2. Jose madman says:

    Its all about that passive income!

  3. elliot says:

    Liked your article, the points were allowed to flow to a natural conclusion. However would your view have changed in the current economic market?

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