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Take-aways from the Making Money Intensive training

Real Estate

On Saturday I attended the Money Making Intensive training organized by Wealth Dragons and even though I heard or read about many things the speakers mentioned today it was a valuable and inspiring day with many take-aways. I also believe that you need to be confronted with things until you know them and since I am still not financially free it seems that I haven’t learned my lessons yet. After today I am again one step closer to financial freedom though. And since we remember things best if we tell them on I would like to share some of the … Continue reading

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Hello World!


It has been again way too long since I wrote my last blog post so it feels a bit like a fresh start now. That’s why I decided to call this post “Hello World!” since it is the default post title in WordPress when you set up a new blog. For me it is a bit over 3 years ago that I started this blog and even though many things have happened since then it still feels as MY blog. Of course, it could use some cleaning up and refreshment but from the other hand side I like it the … Continue reading

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How does affiliate marketing work? – 6 easy steps to success

Affiliate Marketing

It is already some time ago that I last wrote about financial freedom. I just saw that I have 239 days left to win my 365 Days Financial Freedom Challenge. This is not a lot, especially if you consider that I set myself the goal to earn 10,000 EUR per month as from 15 April onwards, but I still think it is possible. And I believe my key to success lies in AFFILIATE MARKETING. Why that? Because affiliate marketing offers a good way to earn steady amounts of passive income once you have everything in place. But let’s start at … Continue reading

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How To Manage Your Money?

Foto Money management pots

I thought why not making a video post once? This is the result: You can find this video also on Youtube under I also have my own Youtube channel where I will post more videos around financial freedom in future. This is the link: Summary: This is a video about how to manage your money so that you benefit most of it. Being in control of your finances is the first step to financial freedom. The method I use is a simple but very effective one: Spread the money that comes in across six accounts according in the following way: … Continue reading

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How to get a peaceful relationship with money?


I’ve recently come across the online magazine Love Of Your Life which I found is full of interesting articles that give me food for thought. In the April/May edition the article about “Spring Clean Your Relationship With Money” by Terry DeMeo especially caught my attention. Terry explains that most people, no matter if rich or poor, young or old, single or married, lack a peaceful relationship with money. Whether it is too much or too little, it is always a problem. I think she has a point there. According to Terry the reason for this is that we treat our … Continue reading

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Why setting small goals makes you quit more easily and why having more money is not a sin?

goal and obstacle

I could never understand people who wanted to win the lottery or earn a lot of money. Why ask for more if you already have a so much? And now here I am, launching my own Financial Freedom Challenge and setting myself the goal to earn 10,000 euro a months by and as from 15 April 2012. Do I need 10,000 euro a month? The answer is no, by far not. I have a very good life already and my costs of living are only a portion of that. But why then ask for so much? This has to do … Continue reading

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What I have learned as a street vendor – Queen’s Day 2011

Bild 074

On April 30, the Dutch celebrate Koninginnedag (“Queen’s Day”), a national holiday celebrating the birthday of Queen Juliana, the former Dutch Queen. It is by far the most important and most celebrated holiday in the Netherlands where the whole country, and especially Amsterdam, turns orange, the Dutch national color. Queen’s Day is known for its parades, concerts, parties but first and foremost for its vrijmarkt (“free market”), where thousands of people sell their stuff on almost every street corner. For me this year’s Queens Day was something very special since it was the first time that I was on the selling side … Continue reading

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Does your money work for you? Four ways how to earn money

work for money

How do you earn your money? Do you work for the money or does your money work for you? These are four ways how you can earn money: 1. Working for somebody else: somebody hires you to do work that he or she doesn’t want to or cannot do. For the latter, he or she is willing to pay you more. However, for most people it is still just a Just Over Broke 2. Working for yourself: here too you organize things that somebody else doesn’t want to or cannot do. You could therefore say that entrepreneurship is solving problems … Continue reading

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It all starts with the right mindset

mind small

Since I have launched my Financial Freedom Challenge most reactions I get sound like this: “I want that too.  How does it work?” and that’s great! That’s why I am doing it for. But don’t expect to learn a special trick that will do the job. I am afraid it is a little bit more complex than that. If you really want to become financially free, you need to approach it on several fields: You need to have the right mindset You need to have certain Money Management skills You need to have a strategy You need to have trust … Continue reading

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The “365 Days Financial Freedom Challenge” – How I will soon earn 10.000 EUR a month with passive income streams


In the coming days, weeks and months I will experiment, test, and try out different techniques, ways, methods, tools, best practices to reach financial freedom. I will write about my experience, my learnings, challenges and successes I come across my journey. I will also give you regular updates so that we know how much time is left to reach my goal and how much money I have earned along the way. Continue reading

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