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Hello World!


It has been again way too long since I wrote my last blog post so it feels a bit like a fresh start now. That’s why I decided to call this post “Hello World!” since it is the default post title in WordPress when you set up a new blog. For me it is a bit over 3 years ago that I started this blog and even though many things have happened since then it still feels as MY blog. Of course, it could use some cleaning up and refreshment but from the other hand side I like it the … Continue reading

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Is it good to be busy?

To me, the answer to this question is yes and no. YES, since being busy means we are active, and being active means we don’t stand still. And if we stand still, we don’t learn. NO, if we are busy in order to feel useful or reinforced by others. Unfortunately we live in a culture where we often measure success in contribution of time instead of measuring the actual outcome of our actions. “He has been so busy in the last couple of months with this project, he really deserves a raise”. Or “She is very busy lately so things … Continue reading

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Efficient Email Management – 10 Tips how to get rid of your email addiction and save time

Do you recognize any of the two situations mentioned below? Situation 1: It is a new day with new opportunities. You are early and you are confident it will be a successful day for you. Before you start working on your “project”, you quickly check your emails to see if there is nothing urgent….and the next thing you know is that it is almost lunchtime. How could this happen? You are angry with yourself that you lost another morning by losing yourself in your inbox. Situation 2: You don’t want to miss anything. Therefore you check your emails a few times per … Continue reading

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RSS Feeds – How to stay up to date and save time

rss logo

Do you have certain websites or blogs that you check regularly for new information? Then RSS is definitely something for you! RSS (short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a technology that allows you to keep track of your favorite websites and blogs in an efficient way. So instead of you going out to all the different websites to check if there is new information like in the good old days, it is the information that comes to you. With RSS you tell a website to let you know whenever something happens on them. You save time and energy … Continue reading

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Dropbox – The internet USB

dropbox logo

Next to Evernote, I use Dropbox quite a lot. Dropbox is an online document storage tool making sure you will never lose a document again. It is like an internet USB that makes document sharing really easy. It is free till 2GB which is more than enough for the average user, I think. Advantages of Dropbox: Access to all your files from every computer, laptop or smartphone Online back up You can easily work together with others since you can give access to certain documents or whole files to one person or a whole team (document sharing) You always work … Continue reading

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Evernote – The king of note taking

Evernote logo

Today I want to share with you my favorite and most used tool: Evernote, the king of note taking. With Evernote you can store text, audio recordings, pictures and many different kinds of files in one place making sure you can remember and re-find information! And the best thing about is is that it is for free! You can download the Evernote software from Evernote is available for Mac and Windows, as well as many portable devices, including iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry devices and Windows Mobile phones. Once installed, you are ready to start! This is a screen … Continue reading

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Getting things done with the Pomodoro Technique


Procrastination and multitasking are the biggest enemies of getting things done. And even though I exactly know what they do to my work efficiency, I regularly find myself procrastinating and multitasking. And I know I am not the only one…. Yesterday I got introduced to a simple time management technique that is very effective in overcoming procrastination and multitasking. It is called the Pomodor Technique and I’d like to share it with you too since I think it will help us getting things done! The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s when he was a graduate … Continue reading

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Why a mind map is such a powerful tool


Quite a long time since my last blogpost. Apologies for keeping you waiting Today I finally took some time to think about all the things I want to reach in life. I am so busy with everything that I can lose myself in details or forget the big picture. Therefore I sat down to analyze the current situation, to think about my goals and what I would like to achieve in life. I made a nice mind map to organize my thoughts and to put everything on paper. And finally I hang it up in my bedroom so that I … Continue reading

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5 Must Have Apps


This week I’ve been to the seminar in Amterdam and got a little up to date with regard to online technology. Amazing what great stuff there is out there! Following apps are must haves for smartphone users. Even though I don’t have a smartphone myself (shame on me), I consider it my duty to share this information with you: With the help of Augmented Realty (AR) technology you can discover information about the world around you. So if you are looking for a restaurant, gas station or for some information about a building you are just passing for … Continue reading

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Brain facts – How to remember to remember?

Dont forget

Did you know that we loose about 50% of all information we receive within the first hour? And after one day we forget 70% of the information. Isn’t that shocking?
Just imagine all the presentations, meetings, trainings, lessons, seminars you have attended in your life, not to mention all the books and newspaper articles you have read…..all wasted time, energy and money, so it seems. Continue reading

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