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Impressions of Beijing

The Great Wall

It has been quite a while since my last blogpost. A long while. A too long while to be honest. And after all these quiet months from my side I suddenly feel the urge to write a new post. And I feel it has to be a post about China and in more particular about Beijing, that used to be my home for 12 months. And now I am back to Europe and I want to close this very special Beijing chapter in my life with a post. But how to summarize a whole year in a blogpost? Since a picture … Continue reading

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How to stick out from the mass – 2 simple business ideas

Moments for wine

Today I briefly want to share with you two simple but powerful business approaches I’ve  recently come across that have inspired me and will hopefully inspire you too to stick out from the mass and do things differently. Both ideas are about how to position your product in the wine industry but the idea behind it can be easily copied to other industries and sectors. The first idea comes from two entrepreneurs who have recently opened a new wine store in Amsterdam called Moments4Wine. Instead of arranging the wine bottles in their shop in a rather conventional way (based on … Continue reading

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How does affiliate marketing work? – 6 easy steps to success

Affiliate Marketing

It is already some time ago that I last wrote about financial freedom. I just saw that I have 239 days left to win my 365 Days Financial Freedom Challenge. This is not a lot, especially if you consider that I set myself the goal to earn 10,000 EUR per month as from 15 April onwards, but I still think it is possible. And I believe my key to success lies in AFFILIATE MARKETING. Why that? Because affiliate marketing offers a good way to earn steady amounts of passive income once you have everything in place. But let’s start at … Continue reading

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Website Secrets – How to get important information about any website


Do you wonder who links to your website? Would you like to know which websites are similar to yours? Are you interested to learn more about your competitors’ websites? No problem. With Google’s “info:” search function all these website secrets will simply reveal to you. Normally these functions are used by SEO experts, web designers etc. if they want to find out information about any website quickly but they also give handy insights to us “normal” people. The first thing you have to do is to enter “info:domainname” in Google. In my case I entered: “info:” and this was the … Continue reading

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Two steps closer to publishing a book


Yesterday I participated in my first writing workshop. The workshop only took 2.5 hours but it was long enough to give me useful insights what it takes to write a book: a concept, structure, a character, a backstory etc. And that’s definitely one of my goals: to publish my own book. And with the help of the Espresso Book Machine, this dream comes very close. At the end of the workshop we walked over to the American Book Center in Amsterdam where on the second floor of the store you can find the Espresso Book Machine, the best friend of … Continue reading

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The big difference between the “Why How What” and the “What How Why”

why how what

People don’t buy what you do but why you do it. Therefore always start with the WHY you do what you do. Then HOW you do things and finally WHAT you do.Unfortunately only a few organizations use the pull strategy in their communication. Apple is one of them. In his inspiring speech about “How great leaders inspire action” Simon Sinek tells us how we can learn from these few examples. Continue reading

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Office Feng Shui: How to improve your workspace and business with the help of Feng Shui?


I recently dig into Feng Shui and what effects it has on our work and our business results. I have to admit a new world opened up to me. In this blogpost I share a selection of tips on how this ancient Chinese art might positively influence your business and your working environment. Even if you don’t believe in abracadabra (neither do I by the way), you might want to try out some of the recommendations. You have nothing to lose, haven’t you? Some if the ideas might be relevant to you and your business, others might not. Look at it … Continue reading

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