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Celebrating Dutch Queen’s Day in Beijing


Queen’s Day is a the most important national holiday in the Netherlands where the whole country turns orange and everybody is celebrating “being Dutch”. And even here in Beijing Queen’s Day is a big thing! Yesterday the Dutch Association of Beijing organized a big party for the Dutch community and as a good imported Dutchie I was in on it! Plenty of Dutch snacks (you either love or hate them), Heineken beer, Dutch music (for the true Dutch among us: André Hazes’ look-alike was the surprise guest of the evening) and hundreds of Dutch expats (and partners) enjoying themselves and keeping up traditions many … Continue reading

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10 differences between China and Europe – Observations from a freshly-baked Expat


After my last blogpost Welcome to Beijing I received the question if I didn’t have a culture shock when moving to China. I thought about it and I wouldn’t say I had a real culture shock…I guess it’s because I expected it to be so different. And of course, there are many differences, like there always are when you go to a new country, but that’s probably why traveling/moving is so exciting. I realize though that everybody has a special picture about China, so do/did I. To give you a better idea of how life looks like here I put together a list with … Continue reading

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Welcome to Beijing

The Forbidden City

Can’t believe that it’s already 7 weeks ago that we arrived in Beijing! Time flies when you are moving to a new country! Everything is new, exciting, interesting. And yet Beijing already feels somehow home. We found a nice place to live, settled in successfully, met some great people, tasted some delicious food, checked out some cool places etc. In short, we had a smooth landing and are still enjoying the adventures of “discovering” things. It’s weird, because somehow Beijing is somehow so different from everything else I know and somehow so similar. I never expected it to be so … Continue reading

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