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Website Secrets – How to get important information about any website


Do you wonder who links to your website? Would you like to know which websites are similar to yours? Are you interested to learn more about your competitors’ websites? No problem. With Google’s “info:” search function all these website secrets will simply reveal to you. Normally these functions are used by SEO experts, web designers etc. if they want to find out information about any website quickly but they also give handy insights to us “normal” people. The first thing you have to do is to enter “info:domainname” in Google. In my case I entered: “info:” and this was the … Continue reading

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What do you want? Do the “ideal day” test!

Direction, goal, action, happy

I’ve come across many people lately who don’t know what they want or at least who think they don’t. And not knowing what we want can be very depressing since we have no clue which direction to go, which actions to take and which ones not to take. With no direction at all the chance is big that we will have the feeling that things just happen to us in life instead of that we “create” things or situations. I believe that we feel happier, more successful and more self-fulfilled if we have a direction, even if it is a … Continue reading

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Getting things done with the Pomodoro Technique


Procrastination and multitasking are the biggest enemies of getting things done. And even though I exactly know what they do to my work efficiency, I regularly find myself procrastinating and multitasking. And I know I am not the only one…. Yesterday I got introduced to a simple time management technique that is very effective in overcoming procrastination and multitasking. It is called the Pomodor Technique and I’d like to share it with you too since I think it will help us getting things done! The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s when he was a graduate … Continue reading

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My new tactic: Focus on heart things instead of head things

head heart

Today I had a very valuable realization: if I do things with my heart it is always good, no matter what. If I do things with my head, it costs me a lot more energy and it is not always successful. And this is true for everything: for my projects, for meetings, for painting, even for my blogposts. When I am reading my posts from the past, I can exactly tell which one was written with my heart and which one with my head. And the ones I write with my heart are the popular ones. And why do I … Continue reading

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6 Winning Tips on How to Close the Gap between Knowing and Doing

Foto iceberg 2

Guestpost by Kath Roberts There is a wealth of difference between knowing and doing. It’s what separates performance and success from wishful thinking. This very gap is keeping many an industry afloat from the latest self help and management books we buy through to the Consultancy industry that gets paid to frequently tell companies what they actually already know. Half the time, lack of knowledge is not the problem, too much knowledge is. That’s because we fall into the trap of acquiring more analysis and even more information to absorb before taking the necessary action. We’re always busy getting started … Continue reading

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How To Manage Your Money?

Foto Money management pots

I thought why not making a video post once? This is the result: You can find this video also on Youtube under I also have my own Youtube channel where I will post more videos around financial freedom in future. This is the link: Summary: This is a video about how to manage your money so that you benefit most of it. Being in control of your finances is the first step to financial freedom. The method I use is a simple but very effective one: Spread the money that comes in across six accounts according in the following way: … Continue reading

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How to get a peaceful relationship with money?


I’ve recently come across the online magazine Love Of Your Life which I found is full of interesting articles that give me food for thought. In the April/May edition the article about “Spring Clean Your Relationship With Money” by Terry DeMeo especially caught my attention. Terry explains that most people, no matter if rich or poor, young or old, single or married, lack a peaceful relationship with money. Whether it is too much or too little, it is always a problem. I think she has a point there. According to Terry the reason for this is that we treat our … Continue reading

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Why a mind map is such a powerful tool


Quite a long time since my last blogpost. Apologies for keeping you waiting Today I finally took some time to think about all the things I want to reach in life. I am so busy with everything that I can lose myself in details or forget the big picture. Therefore I sat down to analyze the current situation, to think about my goals and what I would like to achieve in life. I made a nice mind map to organize my thoughts and to put everything on paper. And finally I hang it up in my bedroom so that I … Continue reading

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5 Must Have Apps


This week I’ve been to the seminar in Amterdam and got a little up to date with regard to online technology. Amazing what great stuff there is out there! Following apps are must haves for smartphone users. Even though I don’t have a smartphone myself (shame on me), I consider it my duty to share this information with you: With the help of Augmented Realty (AR) technology you can discover information about the world around you. So if you are looking for a restaurant, gas station or for some information about a building you are just passing for … Continue reading

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Are we too busy to notice beauty in life?


What would you expect if one of the world’s best violin players, Joshua Bell, played, on the same Stradivarius he played at his sold out concert a few days before, the same classical pieces, in the hall of a public metro station on a random Friday morning during rush our? Crowds? Ovations? Journalists? Delight? That’s also what The Washington Post team, who set up this experiment, thought would happen. What simply had to happen, even though the artist wore casual clothes and had no sign saying, “I’m Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world” next to him. … Continue reading

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