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Take-aways from the Making Money Intensive training

Real Estate

On Saturday I attended the Money Making Intensive training organized by Wealth Dragons and even though I heard or read about many things the speakers mentioned today it was a valuable and inspiring day with many take-aways. I also believe that you need to be confronted with things until you know them and since I am still not financially free it seems that I haven’t learned my lessons yet. After today I am again one step closer to financial freedom though. And since we remember things best if we tell them on I would like to share some of the … Continue reading

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Mini Buddhist Boot Camp

Business Bootcamp

Yesterday I read an article in a Dutch mindstyle magazine with the title “Work-out for your soul” that made me think and that I want to share with you too. The article is based on an interview with Timber Hawkeye, author of the Buddhist Boot Camp book. I haven’t read his book yet but after having read the article and having listened to Hawkeye I might actually buy it. Everything he says is so simple yet so powerful. “Succes means being happy”. According to Hawkeye most of our suffering is self-inflected. We eat bad food and become sick, we want … Continue reading

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Hello World!


It has been again way too long since I wrote my last blog post so it feels a bit like a fresh start now. That’s why I decided to call this post “Hello World!” since it is the default post title in WordPress when you set up a new blog. For me it is a bit over 3 years ago that I started this blog and even though many things have happened since then it still feels as MY blog. Of course, it could use some cleaning up and refreshment but from the other hand side I like it the … Continue reading

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Impressions of Beijing

The Great Wall

It has been quite a while since my last blogpost. A long while. A too long while to be honest. And after all these quiet months from my side I suddenly feel the urge to write a new post. And I feel it has to be a post about China and in more particular about Beijing, that used to be my home for 12 months. And now I am back to Europe and I want to close this very special Beijing chapter in my life with a post. But how to summarize a whole year in a blogpost? Since a picture … Continue reading

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Celebrating Dutch Queen’s Day in Beijing


Queen’s Day is a the most important national holiday in the Netherlands where the whole country turns orange and everybody is celebrating “being Dutch”. And even here in Beijing Queen’s Day is a big thing! Yesterday the Dutch Association of Beijing organized a big party for the Dutch community and as a good imported Dutchie I was in on it! Plenty of Dutch snacks (you either love or hate them), Heineken beer, Dutch music (for the true Dutch among us: André Hazes’ look-alike was the surprise guest of the evening) and hundreds of Dutch expats (and partners) enjoying themselves and keeping up traditions many … Continue reading

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10 differences between China and Europe – Observations from a freshly-baked Expat


After my last blogpost Welcome to Beijing I received the question if I didn’t have a culture shock when moving to China. I thought about it and I wouldn’t say I had a real culture shock…I guess it’s because I expected it to be so different. And of course, there are many differences, like there always are when you go to a new country, but that’s probably why traveling/moving is so exciting. I realize though that everybody has a special picture about China, so do/did I. To give you a better idea of how life looks like here I put together a list with … Continue reading

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Welcome to Beijing

The Forbidden City

Can’t believe that it’s already 7 weeks ago that we arrived in Beijing! Time flies when you are moving to a new country! Everything is new, exciting, interesting. And yet Beijing already feels somehow home. We found a nice place to live, settled in successfully, met some great people, tasted some delicious food, checked out some cool places etc. In short, we had a smooth landing and are still enjoying the adventures of “discovering” things. It’s weird, because somehow Beijing is somehow so different from everything else I know and somehow so similar. I never expected it to be so … Continue reading

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Amazing beach in New Zealand

Can’t believe our adventure finally started! We are on our way to our new home, Beijing, with a beautiful stop over of 16 days in New Zealand. Months of preparation, filling in endless forms for our visa application, cancelling of contracts, packing etc. and now we are on our way!! And where could we recover and recharge our batteries from all the past stress and prepare for our new adventure better than in amazing New Zealand where everybody makes you feel so welcome and home, where nature is so magnificent and where the only disadvantage seems to be the long … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2011 – Welcome 2012


I can’t believe this year is over. Everything went so fast and now it’s New Year’s Eve already. But before this year leaves us forever, I would like to grab the chance and stand still at it for a moment. The end of a year is always a good moment to analyze, look back and to determine the course for the coming year. In the beginning of this year I wrote a post about How to get most out of 2011 and set myself 10 goals for this year. It’s interesting to read them back now. And it’s even more interesting … Continue reading

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How to reach your goals with the help of a Mastermind Group?

Hands Morguefile

Are you the type of person who has great ideas but who finds it hard to put them into practice? Do you lose focus easily? Would you like to get out more of yourself and your plans? I do, but I also know how tough it can be to keep going, especially if you are on your own. I believe that we are capable of much more if we receive ideas, advice and support from others. And with others I don’t necessarily mean a group of friends or family but a group of likeminded people – your own Mastermind Group … Continue reading

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