How to get a peaceful relationship with money?

I’ve recently come across the online magazine Love Of Your Life which I found is full of interesting articles that give me food for thought. In the April/May edition the article about “Spring Clean Your Relationship With Money” by Terry DeMeo especially caught my attention. Terry explains that most people, no matter if rich or poor, young or old, single or married, lack a peaceful relationship with money. Whether it is too much or too little, it is always a problem. I think she has a point there.

According to Terry the reason for this is that we treat our relationship with money as we treat ourselves.

We believe that our salaries, or what we’re paid for our services, or our net worth, is a reflection of our true worth.” But this is of course not true.

In order to escape these false beliefs and thoughts that keep our relationship with money so difficult, Terry suggests an interesting exercise I’d like to share with you too:


You will be asked to answer a few questions. Answer them spontaneously. There is no right or wrong answer. Just allow the answer to pop up in your awareness.

Before you begin, make sure you sit comfortably and relaxed. Close your eyes for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths. Follow your breathing a few times before you open your eyes again.

Imagine that money is an animal.

  • Which animal would it be?
  • Where is it?
  • What does it do?
  • What is around it?

Now imagine that you are that animal.

  • What is your purpose as an animal?
  • What is your message?
  • Would you like to say something to your human form about money or your relationship with it?

Every answer is good.

Now ask yourself what type of relationship you would like to have with money – and ultimately with yourself in life? Think about the animal again and visualize it the way you would like your relationship with money to be like.

When I imagined money as an animal, the master crocodile I saw when visiting the Butterfly garden during my trip to Costa Rica earlier this year, came first to my mind. His name was Elliott and I remember being very impressed by him. During the exercise I visualized Elliott at exactly the same place, with his own territory where only his lady was allowed to enter. In the wild crocodiles are usually not monogamous but our Elliott was very faithful to his lady. The only thing is that he didn’t tolerate any other male crocodiles around him.

When I imagined myself being Elliott, I realized that I didn’t want to harm anybody and that I had no negative intentions at all, even though others might have seen me like that. The only thing I wanted is to be left in peace and to have enough time to rest and do nothing. If nobody harms me, I won’t harm anybody. My message to myself was “There is no reason to be afraid of me. We can be friends if we respect each other.”

What this exercise has taught me is that money is not as dangerous as it might seem like. In fact it treats you with respect if you respect it too. It not it’s intention at all to harm others – unless they want to flirt with his lady of course?

What type of animal did you imagine money as? What have you learned from this exercise and about your relationship with money? Thanks for sharing!

Read the full article of Terry DeMeo.

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4 Responses to How to get a peaceful relationship with money?

  1. Daniele says:

    Hola Anna!
    I read a book last year that amazingly changed my relation with money…. it´s called “Your Money or Your Life”, check it out!!
    It was written 20 years ago and is still soooooo valid!

    Ciao and thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna says:

    I definitely will! Thanks you for the tip.

  3. Maria says:

    Nice exercise, with a surprising and surprisingly true result :-o. I thought my problem with money was something entirely different – I guess that’s where I’ve been going wrong all the time…
    Thank you for posting the link, too.

    Have a happy day!

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